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“I really enjoyed that this band has such a great and classic sound! I'm thinking they should be featured on a soundtrack for a Tarantino double feature! Really great rock n roll that you can easily sit and listen to while you dick around on Facebook, or drink 15 beers and get a little rowdy in the bar jamming out to it! I love versatility in my music! I always have some music playing, but I'm not always jamming it over PA's! These guys were immediately starred on my Spotify playlist! I highly recommend you check out their stuff! Click the links below and see if you find your new favorite song! Rock on boys!”
—  Red Lolli Music, Hidden Gems in the Music Industry!
“The Elixirs have been tearing up the U.S. Midwest for a few years now with their brand of "Original American Rock 'N' Roll". What this Indiana band really plays is a mix of cow punk and psychobilly that at times sounds like heavy duty rock n roll. "Long Gone" is the bands debut album and it comes at us with 19 original tracks and I gotta say this is one interesting and kool disc. Highlights include: "Long Gone", "Misery", "Faster Than Hell", and "Tits Deep". The Elixirs play a unique brand of psychobilly, this is loud, proud and at times in your face. "Long Gone" is an impressive debut by a band that is diffidently worth keeping an eye on. Check it out.”
—  Johnny Slam, Slams Reviews
“This wasn’t a album made with a cookie cutter, each song had its own unique sound pertaining to the Elixirs nice blend of genres. I enjoyed listening to the album and would recommend it to any fans of Rockabilly, punk, or country.”
—  Mike Vomit, Not Quite Porn
“The whole album is good, every song and I would recommend it to anyone who likes cow punk or psychobilly and maybe grew up listening to country and wants music with a sharper edge and actually says something besides the same old psychobilly dead girl-ghoul friend zombies and isn’t a bunch of covers of everything just to make a psychobilly or punk version of some old song. It’s all new and original and it is good… buy it and enjoy!”
—  Jack,
“Dan (vocals), Andrew Whitt (Upright Bass), and of course, Joe King (Drums) will take you on a joy ride that is Faster than Hell and you will wonder why your hair is a mess and your glass is empty and how the hour got stolen by the devil without you even noticing. It’s a really good time and you’ll want seconds and even thirds. ”
—  Sabrina Turner Perdieu, The Back Stage Pass
"The Elixirs NEED to be seen live! The voice, the drumming, the upright are a perfect blend of serotonin for the brain! One of the Indiana!" - Sabrina Turner Perdieu of The Backstage (Facebook Wall Comment)
—  Sabrina Turner Perdieu,
"High energy, nasty guitar sound! Best wishes to you!" Fan/Artist from Georgia
—  James W. Harris,
"Dudes! I really dig your stuff ... keep rockin'!" - Fan/Artist from park Hills, Missouri
—  The Rehab Rats,
"1712 seems to be stuck in my head." Fan/Artist from South Daytona, Florida
—  Strum Stick,
"Cool tunes. I'm a hillbilly relatives are from Muncie, Indiana ...Peace Forever From CIRIL" Fan from Long Beach, California
"Listened to some of your stuff. Not one to favor country, but it was so original I loved it ! Got my support! " - Fan from Summerville, South Carolina
—  oipunk74,
“I dig "Faster Than Hell"! - Fan from Madison, Alabama”
—  golden97,
“The Elixirs are a great punk band from Indiana. They really do put on a great live show. Though they only have a few demo recordings they do have plans for an official release in the future. They have also played a lot of great local shows and all over the state....”
—  Blogger: Minnesota Punk (Facebook), Punk Rock '77 Thru Today
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