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Member Biography's

Dan ~ Guitar, Vocals, Songwrtting.
Dan Tedder AKA " Dan MotherFuckin Tedder"... 
Whitt ~ Stand-Up Bass, Backing Vocals.
Andy Whitton more notoriously know as Whitt is from Marion Indiana.  Whitt suffers from a life-long obsession with all things two wheeled and 4 stringed "why because less is more".  I love motorcycles and stand-up slap-bass.  Cars will get you from A to B but the knees in the breeze face in the wind vibe of riding a motorcycle puts your soul into the journey.  Old school Stand-Up Bass has always been my favorite instrument, musical and percussive.  Blending the sonic range and percussive attach of a acoustic bass with the melody and warmth of a classic guitar played through a tube amp combined with a groovin rock and roll drummer is where the soul is at home!  Whitt has played in many bands over the years from diverse cover bands to hard edged punk and alternative rock to country and blues.  Primarily based in and around Central Indiana Whitt always played electric bass.  In 1998 proclaiming to have been tamed by rock and roll, touring, divorce, and growing increasingly tired of living in a 1 ton van, he threw in the towel!  He quit playing music, found solitude in motorcycling, camping, shady company, dive bars, and drinking.  Some 12 years later many of which spent on a tour of Central Indiana's finest drunk tanks and county jails Whitt finally purchased his first Stand up Bass.  "The Rock and Roll bug still had a firm hold on him, he was just living in denial".  A brief refresher "a little wood-shedding if you will" and a fresh prospective sent him in search of a true original.  A new band that had the same tastes, and influences a band driven to create, push the limits, blend the real raw stuff like old country, punk & rock-n-roll.  After meeting up with The Elixirs Whitt decided to ditch the slab, and play Stand-Up.  Whitt found his soul again, he is having a blast doing what he loves in a band he loves and it shows.  Right On!
Nate ~ Drums, Backing Vocals, P.M.A.

  Nathan Striedinger lovingly know as "Nate" by the band and our fans hails from Indianapolis.  Nate brings a ton of professional experience to the group, well over 20 years of percussion performance.  After his High School years in Indy Nate traveled the world with Hair Metal/Glam Rocker's the "Lovely Boys".  When front man Hairy Lovely went bald the band went into a slump, a failed transplant surgery ruined poor Hairy's image.  The lovely wavy long flowing lock's now looked like a pile of pubes piled around the drain in a truck stop.  The Lovely Boys were doomed, no image, no lovely hair no work! Nate landed in Chicago in the 90's played real rock with some really cool independent Hard Rock and Punk Bands, and in the process found a career, a new wife, and a passion for Rockabilly and Punk!  Nate and his lovely Bride retreated from the big city living, bought a small farm located somewhere south east of the infamous "Elixirs 6 Foot Under Club".  After moving home to Indiana Nate became a founding Member of MG & The Gas City Three and started Gas City Records.  Nate also through the Gas City Records tie-in plays drums, and promotes shows for Scott Manning an amazing progressive rock guitarist based out of Indianapolis.  
  This is where Nate's story ties to The Elixirs, remember the old Gut Cuts E.P. from back in 2009, yep recorded and released through Gas City Records!  Nate and The Elixirs have been close friends for years, frequently doing show splits in their separate bands. Well on a fateful day in March of 2014 Nate got a call from Whitt, in a panic, The Elixirslost their 3rd drummer in a year the most recent had just broke his wrist.  The Elixirs had a heavy schedule in 2014 Spring right through Fall, like they usually do, filled with Car Shows, Rat Rod & Motorcycle Rally's, Hedonistic Inbred Music festivals and the like. Nate reluctantly agreed to cover some of the shows so his friends didn't have to cancel anything.  Through the spring and summer of 2014 Nate has evolved into the perfect fit drummer for The Elixirs, he Kills the Punk, Rocks the Rock,  and Shuffles the Shit out of the Punk Country stuff, as well as add to the high energy stage show The Elixirs are known for.  Well that brings us to today; Nate can not leave the band as he has been abducted by Dan and Whitt, they keep him locked in the "6 foot under club".  He is well fed, living on PBR and bologna sandwiches, kept entertained by The Elixirs heavy performance and rehearsal schedule.. he is currently in training for a yet to be titled, recorded, or conceived, new full length record, rumored to be released in 2015...  Nate remains in good spirits, please pray for his soul, and for The Future of Rock and Roll!

  Johnny Wad with Rolling Tone Magazine reached out recently for an interview with Nate in August of 2014 and would only leave this comment "We reached out to the band for a quote on the abduction situation and were told to F@#k Off it was non of our F#%k*n business we have a good drummer now and you F*&k*^g B@#%ards probably just want to steal him anyway"  Johnny Wad said he wasn't sure if he spoke with Whitt or Dan but did say he wasn't F%$k*n calling them back!

  For all of our New and Old Fans please make a point of welcoming Nate to the band, we are happy to have him with us, he is an awesome guy, good husband, father, friend...  a great drummer, with excellent taste in footwear!  We hope you are as stoked as we are that the wheels are on the pedal is to the proverbial metal and The Elixirs are Rollin And A Rockin into a new year with a new record and a new member!
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